Looking for a stress outlet from her 15hr day corporate job, a friend suggested Janel visit this holistic facility in upstate NY called “The Omega Institute.” They offer many wellness, movement and mindfulness programs.


Janel had the most enriching, insightful and intense experience in mind and body.  She couldn’t believe how her body could and did move, and the stress relief that can also come from it.  Janel felt an overall new sense of confidence that she hadn’t experienced before.  After this yoga retreat, Janel knew needed yoga in her daily life. 


In the spring of 2007, Janel lost her corporate job like so many others.  She took this opportunity to fully explore and learn more about yoga. Janel stumbled upon this amazing, feel so good, therapeutic massage technique called Thai Bodywork, she was completely hooked.  Janel took first Thai Bodywork certification in New York, then in Chiang Mai Thailand to


study with one of the masters.  Later that fall, Janel signed up for yoga teacher training with the desire to really help others release stress, move and learn about their bodies and maybe even have a little more peace with themselves.  Yoga and Thai Bodywork are so interrelated, Janel thought she could help more people with having both skill sets.

She believes it’s important to practice the ‘Beginners Mind’ always be learning, always be growing.  It makes you a better person as a whole.  Moving is an essential part of our lives, yet with all the technology people are moving less, hence feeling more pain, discomfort, and stiffness.  


Janel’s teachings encourage students to feel welcome wherever they are in their (yoga) movement practice, stay curious.  As an anatomy connoisseur, she believes it is essential to know WHY you are practicing, stretching, breathing in a specific manner as it will help clients remember and practice more often. 

Core Vinyasa, YIN Yoga, Restorative, Yoga for Seniors, Mens Only Beginner Yoga, Guided Meditation, Private Yoga

"The only disability in life is a bad attitude." ~ Scott Hamilton 

About Janel

It's my personality to be inquisitive and curious, I want to know about the body - how it moves, connects, develops, heals and adapts.  I get excited exploring all sorts of different styles of movement - yoga, dance, martial arts, animal flow, gymnastics, acroyoga etc - they all inspire to do and learn more. 


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