“There aren't enough good words to describe Janel and her teaching. Since I've been practicing yoga with Janel (5yrs), my life has changed significantly. She has helped me become in tune with my body through asana, meditation and nutrition. I was newly "retired", feeling listless and chunky and Janel helped my find myself mentally and physically.  She is sunshine!”  ~ Karol (Fierce Over 50) Roberts

“I have been practicing on and off for about a decade (with Janel for about 6 months). Janel is by far one of the best instructors I have ever come across. She does an amazing job at making class both fun and challenging. Always bringing new moves to the mix, you can go to her classes every week and never be bored or feel like you are plateauing. Along with being very knowledgeable, Janel also always takes the time getting to know every single one of her students to make sure each one is getting the most out of their practice. Whether you are new to yoga or have been practicing for years, I highly recommend taking a class with Janel!”  ~ Chris Mongelli 

“I began taking yoga with Janel last year after feeling uncomfortable with my weight gain and self-esteem. Since then, I cannot express the amount of physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits I have gained from her classes and guidance. I have done little yoga outside of Janel’s classes because I have found that there are very few instructors who are as knowledgeable of the human body and committed to their student’s long-term practice as she is. She begins each class by asking how our bodies are feeling to tailor the class towards our needs and ends the class with essential oils and an inspirational quotation. Regardless if it’s a high-intensity class with ab work and poses or a restorative and stretching class, I always end up feeling much better and relaxed than when I came in. Last year, I never would have seen myself becoming a yogi and now classes with Janel are the highlight of my week. Here’s to many more years of learning and growing on our yoga journeys!” ~ Nada Kittaneh 

"I've been practicing core yoga with Janel for almost two months now and it quickly became my routine.  The class is quite challenging yet addictive.  New poses are added every one or two weeks that even more challenging.  Janel really does a great job of encouraging me to push my limit and keeping the good vibes of the class thanks for her sense of humor.  ​I am feeling much stronger than I was two months ago with less back/neck pain.   Stress level is greatly reduced too as I don't feel like I need an escape trip to release my stress (I am enjoying staycation).  Recent blood work shows that my HDL(good cholesterol) is greatly increased compared to 7 months earlier results."  

Thank you Janel~Yingying Chen

"An excellent teacher and mentor! I look forward to her class every week"

~ Alexa G.

“Janel's a great teacher who truly cares about her students on and off the mat. Her classes are a challenging (awesome) workout💪, and each is methodically constructed to strengthen your body and improve your practice. For over a year now I've gone to Janel's classes 2x a week, and I feel so much stronger and more flexible. I now can see muscles I didn't know I had! Try Janel's class and it will be your favorite too! “  ~ Allison Haag

“First I want to thank you for being an excellent yoga instructor. I am very happy to be part of your class. Your patience and understanding is much appreciated.  I do feel more aware of my body, its possibilities and limitations. My motivation to keep trying is stronger and I always feel uplifted after a class.

I’m happy that you have a good knowledge of the human body and you have helped my range of motion to increase. I have been taking classes with you for over a year and do feel Yoga has made a positive difference for me. Thank you.” ~ Kathy Cardino

"Janel is a knowledgeable, thoughtful, and highly capable instructor. My body feels longer and my mind feels lighter after her restorative classes, which are a highlight of my week. 

I just wish I could make it to class more often!"   ~Elissa (of the old wrist injury)

"I have been a student of Janel's for over 6 years, and I credit her with truly introducing me to yoga and the benefits of practice, whether it be a traditional flow class or a more restorative session. One of the first things I noticed when I began taking her classes is that she is very focused on anatomy and proper form, which really matters to me. Janel is extremely patient and encouraging, and never condescending - her priority is making sure that her students are getting the most out of their practice, at whatever level they may be.

She genuinely cares about her students and makes an effort to get to know them and their health and wellness goals. She welcomes feedback and suggestions for what she should incorporate into her classes. I cannot recommend Janel more!"   ~ Krista Gundersen

"I have an excellent time in Janel's class. She really helps us to improve our strength and flexibility.  I am so glad I found her!  She rocks!!" ~ Rhonda Z.

"My first Fire Core class with Janel was in the fall and has become the class I look forward to the most each week. I enjoy learning new poses (even the ones that seem impossible at first) and taking in the energy she delivers. You can tell Janel loves sharing her enthusiasm for yoga and wholeheartedly roots for her students in their practice."  ~ Elizabeth C. 

About Janel

It's my personality to be inquisitive and curious, I want to know about the body - how it moves, connects, develops, heals and adapts.  I get excited exploring all sorts of different styles of movement - yoga, dance, martial arts, animal flow, gymnastics, acroyoga etc - they all inspire to do and learn more. 


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