Life is demanding.  There’s so much do to, schedules to juggle and responsibilities to manage.  Getting your yoga into an already hectic day can create more, not less stress.

Private yoga sessions in your home or office accommodates your schedule and wellness pursuits.

One-on-one sessions are the best investment for YOU.  It’s a time for yourself to move, stretch and sweat; sessions are tailored to your personal needs and fitness goals.





Janel specializes in core vinyasa (power/sweaty), Yin yoga (holding each pose up to 4min), slow flow (moving and deep stretching) and gentle yoga (therapeutics, perfect for low energy, limited mobility, senior and injuries).

Private Yoga Sessions Are An Opportunity To:

-get your questions answered

-learn proper alignment

-review techniques to breathe properly

-understand how to use props

-learn how to practice with past or present injuries

-get more detailed guidance

-experience how hands-on assists can take you deeper into a pose

-develop a stronger sense of body awareness, in addition to being a better mover

-have you moving, bending, reaching, rotating so much better than right now


Learn how to come into or approach a pose for your body.

Remember one size doesn't fit all.


In this pose Garudasana (Eagle pose) for many clients, it's not easy to cross the elbows or wrap the palms together.


There are many variations that can be explored that will work for your 

body's needs and limitations.


Really good alignment is the key to a strong foundation of every pose. Not only will you build strength, but prevent injuries too.

Knowing how and where you should or could feel your body opening or stretching will expand your knowledge and depth of practice or growth.


It's one of the many benefits of 

one-on-one instruction.

“Janel has been my Yoga Master instructor for the last several months and I love her!!! She is patient, explains each move and what muscles are to be engaged. She pushes me to try new things and keeps each session exciting and fun.  I have tried other yoga instructors and always come back to Janel as she is my gold standard for what I expect from a yoga instructor.” ~ Melissa B.

I ask for a 3-month commitment so that you get the best results. Remember it's a journey, it takes time to learn and develop new skills.  My clients usually work with me 1-3x week. The more you practice, the better results you’ll get. I recommend 2x a week to start.

Working With Me:

-every session will be customized

-keep you accountable, stay on the course of your goals

-help you achieve your potential (ie: increase your range-of-motion) ​

-create poses and movement that are best for your body

-keep you accountable (ie: help you not quit or be lazy)

-develop your mental state to get out of your own way

-utilize our session time efficiently 

-creative sequences that are never boring

-help you stay motivated when you don’t feel it

-understand and feel really good alignment and why

-advise for a gentler practice when you’ve had a tough day

-teach you how to BREATHE properly 

-dig deeper into your weakness to create areas of improvement

-demonstrate how awareness and mindfulness work together

-challenge you when you’re holding back

-set the foundation for a lifelong habit


About Janel

It's my personality to be inquisitive and curious, I want to know about the body - how it moves, connects, develops, heals and adapts.  I get excited exploring all sorts of different styles of movement - yoga, dance, martial arts, animal flow, gymnastics, acroyoga etc - they all inspire to do and learn more. 


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