Three People Doing THIS in public!

In between my yoga classes, clients and computer work, I often take walking breaks to move my body, get some fresh air and get away from the screen - the computer and iphone.

My mid day strolls don’t have any specific route, except a magnetic pull towards the water, the river; there’s something peaceful and calming about it —even though it faces Manhattan, not to mention the noise from the constant of helicopters going up and down the Hudson.

Often during my walk, I focus on my belly breath while people watching, not thinking about my next class or looming deadline, just being present in the moment, the joy of just walking without an agenda.

I highly recommend.

Something truly beautiful struck me on this ordinary Tuesday afternoon. Within close range of each other I witnessed three different people meditating in public! I actually stopped my walk to triple check - was that what I was really seeing? People meditating outside in public? I was fascinated and ectastic since I’m always encouraging my students to meditate.

There were two guys on one pier, a few benches between them, one guy had his feet grounded on the earth, his eyes closed and palms on this thighs. The other guy was sitting in a crossed legged seat (often referred to as Sukhasana - easy seat), palms on this thighs, eyes closed. The woman was a decent 200 yards away from the guys, further from the water. Even though she had headphones on, her eyes closed, sitting in Sukhasana, palms on her thighs.

There were two striking things these three people had in common - they all had exquisite spinal alignment, graceful tall posture and they looked …at peace. The skin around their eyes, nose and mouth was completely relaxed, their shoulders were draping down their back, they all looked like they were in THEIR present moment.

I couldn’t stop smiling at this amazing sight, how far as a society, as a human race, have we come to meditate in public without worrying - is it ok? what will people think? These lovely souls just honored themselves to do what they needed to do for them.

This was their lunch break.

I’m excited I got to witness this unique moment …. maybe some day, it will turn into a typical moment in your day.

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