Use Sage to Clear Energy, Protect Your Home

Energy can be felt intensely or subtly, we feel it in so many ways whether it be a person, environment or room. Saging or Smudging is a way to shift or diffuse energy.

There are many techniques one can do to cleanse, clear stagnant or negative energy in your home, apartment or studio. Some use candles, incense or air purifiers, I personally like Saging my living space. I like the process from start to finish, I find it calming and grounding, and a rather special ritual.

Some refer to the practice as Smudging or Saging, since I like herbs and earthiness, I often refer to it as Saging.

What is Saging/Smudging?

Saging is an ancient tradition with roots from Native American cultures. Fresh white sage is dried and delicately bound with cotton string into a bundle - sometimes referred to a wand or Sage Smudge Stick.

How do I use it?

With respect to this ancient and sacred practice, it’s best to be mindful and slow as you Sage your space.

Allow yourself time 10-15 minutes without disruption; stay in the present moment of this devotional practice. Take a deep inhale, exhale the breath out. It helps to set an intention before you start, for example - “I just moved into this apartment, I’d like to clear the energy of the previous tenants.”

Before you start, open all doors, windows and closets so that the smoldering can filter through each space of each room.

There’s no need to be intimated, Saging is easy to do.

Hold the branch at the stick end, light a match, place the trimmed end of the Sage Stick into the flame, start to gently roll the Sage through the flame. Light the whole surface, don’t worry, it will not ignite on fire. The Sage will begin to smolder, as it does this, slowly walk around your space waving the Sage stick in the air. This is called Saging or Smudging.

Start clockwise possibly begin at your front door. Be sure to Sage across doorways, corners and shadow areas where stagnant energy can accumulate. {if it applies, don’t forget the laundry room, basement, garage and patio}

The Sage doesn’t stay lit for very long, you may need to relight if the space you are in is large.

Once you have finished Saging the entire room, extinguish the Sage by firmly pressing it into a fireproof container, I tend to gently roll the burnt edges around to make sure there is no smoldering left.

What is the purpose?

There are so many different types of energies or influences (some positive, some negative, some stagnant) that we encounter every day, throughout the day. Saging a room is a cleansing and protecting approach to ‘clear’ the energy of the room, the space you are in. I personally like to Sage the room before I teach my meditation class. I also sage my entire apartment several times throughout the year.

Saging is spiritual practice, though if you’d like, you can make it religious. It’s completely up to you.

What energy am I clearing?

The energy doesn’t necessarily need to be negative to Sage, sometime the energy can feel stuck; perhaps there was an argument, someone was ill, surly neighbors or family members, a traumatic event, negative energy, stale dusty energy, if you just moved into the new place, Sage it to make it yours.

What does it smell like?

Scent can be very unique experience for everyone, to me the Sage Smudge stick smells smoky and earthy with a hint of something mystic or primal or maybe even spicy. This is when you smell directly into the Sage Stick, but it’s much more subtle when it’s in the air and it dissipates rather quickly.

You can also Sage yourself or another, starting at space above the head, Saging around the front and back of the body until you get to the feet. Since the smoldering scent can be quite concentrated, try not to breathe too deeply.

Where can I find a Sage Smudge Stick?

Your local health food store, yoga studio, herb shop, farmer’s market, festivals, wellness centers are usually the best resources to find a Sage Smudge Stick.

Consider this experience a spiritual alchemy, transforming the air element to support you.


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