Dry Brushing; A Secret to Healthier Skin

You brush your teeth, your hair and maybe even your cat's (fur) or dog’s hair. Have you ever thought to brush your skin?

Sounds weird.

I know, but it’s actually a super easy and enjoyable way to help rid the body of toxins.


-stimulates the Lymphatic system, which will help your body detox naturally

-boosts circulation, delivers oxygenated blood to your skin and organs

-naturally exfoliates your skin = softer skin, removing dead skin cells

-minimizes the appearance of cellulite, by breaking down connective (stagnant) tissue

*it feels actually really good!

Loofa, to use with water in the shower.

Dry bristle brush, do not use with water; a pre-shower ritual.

Strip down to your birthday suit, start on the tops of your feet, ankles, going up the leg, thigh with slow long strokes continuing up your body. You want to make sure you are brushing upward toward your heart. You can also repeat brushing an area that seems drier or more tired looking skin.

Ladies, skip the breasts and everyone skip the face and armpits.

Use the long handle to reach around to your upper back. If you have someone to assist with difficult to reach areas, even better.

Don’t forget to brush your assana and the back of your hands/arms and neck!

Avoid areas with wounds, broken skin or cuts.

How often?

You can dry brush everyday before your shower. Make sure to gently hand wash your dry brush at least once a week. Try not to get the wood panel wet, you can do this by tilting the brush on it’s side while running under water massaging some soap into the bristles. Your brush should be completely dry before using again.

Give yourself an extra 10 minutes in your morning or evening bathroom routine. Since I’ve started, I’ve been hooked!

Note, your skin will appear red or even patchy when you start, but it disappears rather quickly. And your body will get used to the sensation.

Where can I find this secret weapon?

Most health food stores carry it or Amazon..... of course. Make sure the bristles are vegetable, not synthetic.


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