This February we’re delving deep into things that matter - like you.

For this Valentine’s day, enjoy self love. Whether is easy or challenging for you to do, take the day (February 14th) and make it your own. No marketing gimmicks needed.

Thich Nhat Hanh is one of my favorite buddhist monks, the wisdom he brings forth usually has me contemplating for days.

‘The Four Qualities of Love’ by Thich can help you delve a little deeper.

Number One: Love {Maitri/Metta}

How do you practice this? By looking and listening deeply, it’s the only way to know what to do and what not to do in terms of happiness for yourself and others. Everyone has the capacity, add intention to offer love.

Number Two: Compassion {Karuna}

A kind act, gesture, thought or word can shift the suffering of yourself or another.

Self compassion - what is it that you need?

This deep communion can:

-help you generate warmth and care toward yourself + others who are suffering

-inspire more curiosity and exploration

-help you to adapt to LIFE, stressful events, emergencies, the unexpected

-your amygdala will produce less cortisol

Holding space for yourself or another is an act of compassion that can relieve (some) suffering.

Number Three: Joy {Mudita}

Being present in the moment; joy can be experienced through small ways - a great joke, kindness from a stranger, the first sight of spring flowers.

Mindfulness helps you stay focused, not rushing into the future; JOY is the moment filled with peace and contentment.

‘Joy ~ delight ~ happiness ~ elation'

Number Four: Equanimity {Upeksha}

This element of love, regardless of any ‘stuff’. For example, if you have many children, you don’t love one more than the other, you love them all the same equally, no matter what character ‘issues’ they may have.

Upeksha means, ‘non-attachment’, non-discrimination, equanimity.

Upa mean ‘over’ and eksha means ‘to look’

This is not to be confused with being indifferent or aloof; accepting of someone (or yourself) as a whole.

By removing boundaries of prejudice or discrimination you get the wisdom of serenity.

And........that creates peaceful abiding to embrace love fully.

True love can be vulnerable, isn’t that where it has to be to love unconditionally?

The Four Qualities of Love by Thich Nhat Hanh is a wise way to proceed.

ps….these are also points from my guided meditation series : )

Happy Heart Day!

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