Feel Gut Relief with Activated Charcoal

Anytime I travel, I always bring a decent stock of Activated Charcoal pills with me, as it has saved me numerous times, feeling better quickly and not ruining my trip! I consider my Activated Charcoal pills part of my first aid kit.

What is it made out of? A typical combination of carbonaceous materials of bamboo, coconut husk, coconut shells, willow peat, and wood. A form of carbon that is produced by heating these organic/natural materials.

How does it work? Adsorption is a process that ‘binds to’ poisons and toxins vs absorbing (to soak up/occupy or fill).

A natural byproduct of burning wood or coconut shells (the best form) in high temperatures, altering the chemical structure, removing all the oxygen, which creates smaller particles that are ‘activated.’ This highly adsorptive (bind to) material with innumerable tiny pores that bind, trap and remove toxins, poisons, intestinal gases, chemical and heavy metals from the body. This prevents the body from absorbing (soaking up) the poison/toxins, helping you feel better faster. The permeable surface of Activate Charcoal has a negative electric charge that draws out positively charged undesirable toxins and gas.

“One of the finest natural absorptive agents, each particle contains small chambers and cavities that capture or bind-up unwanted materials and gas, which are safely carried out of the digestive system.” ~ Nature’s Way (the brand I use)*

FYI, AC not the same charcoal on your BBQ grill! Do not consume it as its full of chemicals and many toxins.

How to use? You can take Activated Charcoal via powdered form or via capsules (ie: see my photo above). Follow instructions of the bottle, however, at times I have taken without food and I was fine. Drink lots of water upon taking AC.

Activated Charcoal is widely used in hospitals as an effective treatment of drug overdoses, alcohol, food and chemical poisoning. An excellent strategy to remove toxins and bad bacteria from the gut. If you are feeling off or really ill with food poisoning, severe diarrhea and vomiting, Activated Charcoal will help you recover faster. Make sure to hydrate when taking AC.

If you are leery by the black color….consider what you currently consume in black:

coffee, tea, licorice, soda, squid ink pasta, sesame seeds, nori, truffles…..just say’n :-)

What is it used for?

Alleviates painful gas and bloating

Restore calm for upset or ill stomach

Cleans your digestive tract

Increase good Cholesterol and lowers the bad

Detox strategy (low quality food, eating/drinking too much, eating too fast)

Mold removal (from your internal system)

Poison Ivy/Oak, Rashes, Snake bites (external; apply to the skin)

When should you take Activated Charcoal?

-eating out at restaurants (low or high status doesn’t mean safe)

-eating low quality foods ie: processed or junk foods

-drinking low quality coffee (higher mold content in coffee beans)

-drinking numerous fermented beverages (ie: alcohol)

-when you feel cranky, moody or tired

-feeling sick, lethargic

-traveling as it helps prevent jet-lag

-daily consumption if you live in urban areas that have more environmental toxins

Activated Charcoal and probiotics are a powerhouse for the gut/digestive system. Just make sure to space out the timing at least 1-2hrs between each other so that they can both work effectively. Hydration is key when consuming AC, make sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day. The best part about using AC especially when you’re feeling terrible, it can help you feel so much better often within 10-20 minutes!!

Ingredients check list - make sure when purchasing Activated Charcoal there are no added sweeteners (rather moot point then) and that it’s derived from ultra-fine grains of coconut shells or specified wood.

Where is it available?

Well, Amazon carries just about everything...... But I purchase mine for the local health food store :-) {shop/support local}

*Not an affiliate

I hope you found this Activated Charcoal article care helpful, I’d love for you to share with others. Sharing is caring.



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