Sleep Deprived? Get rid of the blue light.

Have you ever thought about wearing sunglasses at night?! It’s a great idea…as long as they are ORANGE. These eyeglasses are called “Blue Light Blocker Eyeglasses” they cut the blue light emitting from most electronics and smart phone devices; stuff that we are all addicted too. If you need a prescription, I believe those options are also available. We’ve advanced in amazing bounds with technology, yet your human body and brain is out of sync with the natural circadian rhythm of the earth and the sun.

Why is the blue light bad for you?

The {piercing} blue light penetrates deep into your eyeballs stimulating your brain and nervous system {parasympathetic} to stay active and awake, especially when it’s time to sleep, you can’t! So watching TV late at night does your nervous system more harm than good. Overtime, this dramatically effects your sleep hygiene and deep rest. Remember, your brain and body replenishes it’s self during deep sleep; it’s the moment when waste is cleared from the brain, allows for deep breathing, which helps the brain and body rejuvenate after a full day, in addition to reenergizing the body’s cells that supports further learning and memory skills.

I wear these orange eyeglasses when I’m up later than I’d like. Another strategy for reducing blue light is to download f.lux for your computer and smartphone. It’s an easy set-up, you select your timezone so that your device will sync with the rising and setting of the sun, displaying an ambient tone on your screen, taking out the blue light, then it resets to blue light when the sun rises. There’s an option to adjust the brightness if you MUST watch TV or work during late hours.

Bonus, the app is free!

You know how moody, groggy and irritable you feel after not having a good night’s sleep and how it effects everything you do the rest of the day. From working slower, pausing to remember things, delayed reaction time, your workout is not as empowering etc. Just like you schedule your appointments, meetings and social time, create a better habit of scheduling your sleep, it will make a massive difference in your day and life. Lastly, I highly recommend downloading f.lux for your devices. It may take few days to get used to, but that happens with anything new that you do: )

I’ve had f.lux for quite a few years, I can’t imagine being without it.

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Sending Metta! xo Janel

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