Stiff Joints? Try this!

Scenario: You’ve been sitting at the desk for a few hours - NOT moving, you go to stand up, move, maybe even stretch a little. Wow! How stiff, sticky and sore your knees and lower back feel.

What’s going on here?

Think about a door hinge, it opens and closes smoothly because you’re walking in and out numerous times a day. That movement (and oil) keeps that hinge joint mobile, fluid, well-oiled. If the door was not being moved (opened and closed) throughout the day, the week, the joint would become sticky, stiff compiled by stagnant air, debris and dust. The joints of the human body need the same type of care and movement.

Stiffness in the joints, takes a lot more energy to move and creates a more labor-intensive and heavier sense of movement.

Our joints must move through their active natural ROM (range-of-motion), if not, stiff and degeneration will occur. Movement is like a necessary vitamin, required to keep the whole system (your body) running smoothly. In order to maintain harmony and to move optimally, taking care of your joints will have profound affects on the quality of your movement and longevity. Joint circles (opening/warming them up) prepares your body for any type of movement/workout you’re about to endure and reduces the risk of injury.

I'd love for you to join me in each of these videos to experience how joint circles feel in YOUR body.

Modern society puts all kinds of demands on our bodies and mind. Whenever you find yourself in a sitting position for longer than 20 minutes (not moving), it’s time to disrupt the position. Stagnation is not healthy for your body, movement is essential. Imagine jello for a moment, it’s thick and viscous, when your joints are not properly lubricated (via synovial fluid) they tend to stick vs sliding along happily together, it’s like your joints are trying to move through a consistency of jello.

Joint stiffness is not the only problem, the muscles and soft tissue do not respond well to a sedentary lifestyle. Specific muscles will shorten or tighten due to the static environment, causing the joint to compress and synovial fluid squeezed out. Developing a sticky surface causing the cartilage to press into themselves which leads to fraying the joint capsule and possibly more damage.

Nip this problem in the booty now : )

By performing joint circles, it creates space between the joints, relaxing vs holding tension in the surrounding muscles. Hence, your joints (muscles and connective tissue) will be a well-oiled dynamic machine!

Why Joint Circles Are Essential for a Healthy Body:

-lubricated joints create healthy joint mobility

-your joints will be properly lubricated with the production of synovial fluid

-healthy, happy joints allow for fuller and more efficient movement in all plane-of-motion

-your muscles become pliable warming up the soft tissue

-inspire more blood flow, which keeps your joints and soft tissue healthy

-gentle movement that also develops balance for some poses

-creates space in the joint (vs bone on bone compression)

-it's a safe warm up, that’s not weight bearing on your joints

-prepares your joints, and the rest of your body for the workout you’re about to begin

-increases metabolism and body temperature by increasing blood flow via muscle tissue

I hope this article and the videos inspire you to move MORE, get out of that terrible chair/seated position and open your joints more often!

ps…if you found this article helpful, I'd love to hear about it, please comment here. I’d love for you to share with others.

Sending Metta! xo Janel

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