Eleuthero - High Performance Recovery

Eleuthero—Siberian Ginseng

This small woody shrug is something to pay attention to as, it’s excellent for any and all physical recovery. There are actually many uses for Eleuthero, however it’s common for athletes to use it to boost endurance and battle fatigue. My findings shows that the Russian government intensely sponsored research for plants that could increase performance in any aspect of life. The Russians used Eleuthero for their elite level athletes, astronauts and military providing exceptional results to increase, physical endurance, combat stress and fatigue, strengthens the immune system with energy and vigor; an overall highly prized plant for optimal recovery.

Eleuthero belongs to the Araliaceae plant family. It starts out as a round blossomy bud with small white flowers, then turns into plumb blackish berries. The root and the rhizomes (underground stem) of the shrug are what is used medicinally. This shrug is native to the southeastern part of Russia, northern China, Korea and Japan.

Eleuthero is also considered an *adaptogen, which means Eleuthero helps your body adapt to what comes at it (environmental and internal).

*adaptogens assist the body to restore, adjust, harmonize and protect the body in environmental and physical stressors.

This type of Siberian Ginseng also assists with balancing your mood, improves your sleep pattern, assists with neurotransmitters balance (dopamine, serotonin, norepinephrine and epinephrine); and considered a calming elixir for the mind.

Since this shrug is very popular, there are many faux products in the market, so do your research.

How to use?

Taken as a tincture, capsule, solid exact or powder form. Enjoy as a tea if you prefer.

Make sure your Eleuthero is from a reputable source as you wouldn’t want to ingest anything that isn’t of good quality, especially when it comes to herbs, plants and even pharmaceuticals.

What are some contraindications?

Eleuthero is most likely safe, however, everyone’s constitution is different and special, so be wise and do your own research and consult with your doctor for any medications that might not gel well with this shrug.

Possible side effects: drowsiness, insomnia, headache, hypoglycemia and nervousness.

Also, with any herbal or pharmaceutical compound it’s always important to know which products do not mix well together. For example: I’m deathly allergic to Chamomile and some peeps have the same problem with aspirin. It’s your body, your responsibility, no slacking allowed. I hope you found this information useful and maybe even inspired you to the next level of self-care.

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Sending Metta! xo Janel

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