Finding Your Wild Thing

Wild Thing

Camatkarasana “the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart”

Isn’t that a beautiful way of expressing this pose with words?!

I personally find this pose a dynamic and exuberant way to open up the body… it’s a backbend, chest opener, hip opener, arm balance, strength pose, confidence pose....…. all in one pose!!

To Begin….

Start from downward facing dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana), lift your right leg up, bend the knee reaching the right foot up and over to your left glute. Pause for a moment to breathe into the groin and possibly some quad stretching on the right side. Make sure your armpits are facing the mat.

Then bring your right foot all the way back down behind you as you reach the right arm overhead. If you have a little bit of fear or intimidation, remember that you’re falling back on your foot!! Just keep the shape you’re starting in….and use your eyes to look where you’re going.

Follow my illustrated instructions, attempting and practicing this pose. Remember to think ‘backbend + heart opener’ as you go into the pose.

Practice, practice, practice and practice some more!


Stretches: chest, shoulders, back and throat

Strengthens (and opens):

hips, hip flexors and quads

If you have difficulty getting into this pose because of ‘tight shoulders’ do these poses first and often.

Warm up with Sun Breaths to Uttansasna (standing forward fold)

Downward Dog

Anjaneyasana (low lunge) + Twist {right leg forward}

-palms to heart center (keep thumbs and fingers in the center of your chest)

-exhale rotate spine/torso to the right, push your left tricep into the outside of your right thigh. BREATHE for 5 as you push your right palm down and into your left palm

-unwind, make your way back to

Downward Dog

repeat other side

(you can also add High Lunge & Side Plank - Vashisthasana as well)

Wall Pec stretch

-stand facing the wall about 2” away

-extend your right arm lateral (side) at shoulder level

-begin to turn your feet, front body, torso toward the left

*do not force this rotation* stop when you feel resistance

-press the right palm into the wall

-breathe into the stretch at the front of your chest (pecs)

-to come out, turn your feet and whole body back to starting position

-release the right arm down by your side

repeat other side

If at any point you feeling tingling or numbness in the arm or fingers, come out of the pose immediately.

As with anything it takes time and consistent practice. In yoga there is a saying “Beginner’s Mind” which means whether you have 20 minutes or 20 years of a yoga practice you have the Beginner’s Mind, stay humble as you’ll be much more open to learning and growing in your practice.

ps…if you found this article helpful, I'd love to hear about it, please comment here. I’d love for you to share with others!

Sending Metta! xo Janel

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