Two Key Tips for Eka Pada Vasisthasana

Eka Pada Vasisthasana shines the beautiful aspect of strength and balance.

There’s an important key to getting into this pose: patience.

Why patience? First, from my own personal yoga journey, this pose took a lot of time and practice, falling down, getting back up to try again. Plus, I always need to speed extra time just warming up my hamstrings. Therefore….I’m still continuing my work in this pose.

Second, in my group yoga classes, I see sooooo many students struggle with EPV (and some peeps are so close to nailing it) vs allowing themselves to be in the moment, patient with the process. It’s not an easy pose. There’s a lot to process all while holding yourself up, balancing on your side body.

In EPV, we’re literally taking Tadasana (mountain pose, which means strong and stable like a mountain) and flipping the pose on its' side, with a shot of balance to the mix.

I say this so often in class, but it’s also a reflection for life too.

“How boring would your yoga practice (your life) be if all of it were easy,

no effort involved, no struggle, no highs, no lows.”

There’s another important key to EPV, that when the going get tough, peeps let go.

They stop breathing.

When you constrict/tighten/hold your breath, the pose is already coming undone. You're now at an energy expense vs an energy expression. Breathing fully and deeply is giving life to the pose, supporting you; holding your breathing is depleting, taking away.

No matter where you are in your Eka Pada Vasisthasana practice, be patient with yourself and the process. Learn the nuances of the pose as it will help you sustain being in the pose for more than one breath.

Lastly, if you happen to be in Hoboken…..come practice Eka Pada Vasisthasana with me!

I’m always so excited to share new tips and strategies with my Kula! This Saturday, October 5th is the first Asana Lab at Pavana Yoga. We’ll spend the entire class focusing EPV, just one pose! This type of class will give you structure, tools and insight how to approach EPV for your body and your current yoga practice.

I hope you join us, as my yoga peeps and I always have a blast together!

Sign-up here!!

ps…if you found this article helpful, I'd love to hear about it, please comment here. I’d love for you to share with others.

Sending Metta! xo Janel

ps...Vashistasana or Vasisthasana it's spelled either way : )

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